About Us

Jeremiah Cooper, Founder / CEO

At the age of three Jeremiah discovered his first computer (the Magnavox Odyssey 2) and has been enthralled with computers since. In 1992 while visiting his sister at the University of Oregon he discovered the fledgling world wide web and was equally enthralled. Upon returning home he found a local ISP, signed up, and started building his own webpages - first for fun and then for pay. Fast forward 20 years, Jeremiah has worked in public and private sectors for a variety of organizations developing complex business systems end to end. In 2012 Jeremiah took a leap of faith and started his own development firm which has blossomed into CoopDIGITy, Inc.

Andrew Hallmark, Developer

Andrew has been with CoopDIGITy since 2015 and has witnessed a ton of growth internally and externally. When not plowing through lines of code he can be found snapping office antics. He has a very nice laptop bag. You should ask him about it sometime.

Sophia Tanner, Client Advocate

Sophia joined us as a data team member in the summer of 2015. She has since moved up to head our support department and also manages client and distributor relations. Sophia graduated from Heald College with a degree in Medical Office Administration. She has three beautiful children and is very happily married (so back off gents!). She takes her role as Client Advocate very seriously; her number one goal, each day, is client satisfaction. It is her job to ensure every request or concern is addressed and will go to great lengths just to see you smile (or to see your smiley imogi - either one works).

Brian Bufford, Developer / Project Manager

Brian Bufford graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a B.S. in Computer Science. Brian has an uncanny ability to keep his cool even during difficult situations. Troublesome code? No problem. Have to build a new mobile app in a month? Sure, why not. Quake match against coworkers??? Okay, even Brian can only get fragged by Snoopy so many times!! Brian's even-keeled manner, eagerness to teach, hunger to learn, and his programming chops all make him an ideal fit for his position.

Trent Fochs, Data Orchestrator

Trent started working at CoopDIGITy, Inc in June 2016. As the Data Orchestrator he manages the flow and integrity of data into our client systems. Trent oversees the Data Team to get data loaded and available in an accurate and timely manner. He also loves good coffee (but only REALLY, REALLY good coffee, like $12/cup coffee.. I mean its kinda ridiculous).

Elizabeth Johns, VP Operations

Elizabeth has over 20 years of business management experiance. Prior to joining the CoopDIGITy team Elizabeth spent 7 years as Executive Director for a non-profit in the San Francisco area. Her sweet yet mama-bear-fear-inducing presence makes people really want to do whatever she says. Especially when it comes to logging time or paying bills promptly. Elizabeth wears more hats that we have space to write about but essentially does whatever it takes to "keep it going". Potluck anyone?

Robbie Xiong, Head of Development

Robbie is a father of two, a husband of one, and an optimization freak of nature! His role is to support the development process by driving and steering Development and QA towards an optimal route of release cycles. Robbie has a low level of tolerance for waste and is persistent (to put it mildly) in realizing the best future at work and home. A true QA, it took him not less than FIVE attempts to perfect this introduction blurb (90% of which I changed after the fact hehehehe!).

Andre Raddler, Frontline Support

Andre brings 20+ years of support experience to our little shop.  His jovial, easy-going spirit make him a pleasure to work with. Andre handles all frontline support requests and provides excellent response time and excellent service. Oh, and it might be ok if you call him 'Dray' but you should probably ask first.

Nathan Kurtz, Data Analyst

Nathan started his own business at age 19 and operated it for 5 yrs. His background and skill set is in audio engineering he worked and toured with bands such as the Beach Boys, American Idol winners, Grammy winners and countless Christian bands all over the west coast. His most recent work was with a multi-site church of 30,000 in Florida. He brings to CoopDIGITy the same detail-oriented diagnostic & trouble-shooting skills that made him a successful audio engineer combined with the same drive he had as a business owner. Nathan has two beautiful kids age 5 and 2 and makes a REALLY REALLY good cup of coffee (aka Trent approved).

Alexander Raddler, Client Support

Alex came to CoopDIGITy in February 2017. Alex was born in Seattle grew up in Yuba City, CA. He graduated from Yuba City High School in 2011 with honors. With a background in aerial reconnaissance for the United States Air Force from Alex brings a bright, young mind to the team! His attention to detail drives CoopDIGITy, Inc to be the best at what we do and pushes us to better ourselves. His interests include video games, basketball, movies, and Dragon Ball Z and the three most important things to him is faith, family, and friends.

David Farley, Web Developer

David was cherry-picked from WGU because "why pay to learn something you can get paid to learn". He started as an intern and has progressed into a bonifide web developer. When David isn't resolving Node.js dependency issues he can be found riding his bike and plastering Apple stickers on un-suspecting coffee cups, projectors, Keurigs... pretty much everything actually. 

Navneet Kaur, Data Developer

We were fortunate to steal Navneet away from working in academia. She has quickly become our in-house reporting expert. Navneet is also, easily, the sweetest person at CoopDIGITy. While we haven't done an X-Ray we're 99.9% confident that Navneet doesn't have a single mean bone in her body. For all her meekness you'd never know she has a Masters in Accounting and an AA in Computer Science; she's really quite brilliant.

Kody Linville, Data Analyst

Kody graduated from CSU Chico with a BA in Political Science. Far from politics, Kody assists in the collection, loading and maintenance of customer data to ensure data integrity. Kody likes bagels and long walks on the beach. When not scrubbing through thousands of lines of data Kody can be found at the gym (working off those bagels).

Chad Salstrom, National Account Director

Chad has varied experience in sales and business leadership but recently worked in Business Development for Moxie International. Chad and his wife Janelle have three children: two daughters rapidly approaching teenage years, and son who is nearly eight. Chad’s focus here at CoopDIGITy, is to help manage existing client relationships, as well as help form new ones. He is excited to be part of CoopDIGITy, where working hard and blessing people are both the means and the end goal.