About Us

Jeremiah Cooper, Founder / CEO

At the age of three Jeremiah discovered his first computer (the Magnavox Odyssey 2) and has been enthralled with computers since. In 1992 while visiting his sister at the University of Oregon he discovered the fledgling world wide web and was equally enthralled. Upon returning home he found a local ISP, signed up, and started building his own webpages - first for fun and then for pay. Fast forward 20 years, Jeremiah has worked in public and private sectors for a variety of organizations developing complex business systems end to end. In 2012 Jeremiah took a leap of faith and started his own private consulting firm.

Sophia Garbarino, Data/Support Manager

Sophia has extensive experience in customer service, retail, and medical billing. Sophia's work ethic, drive to succeed, & attention to detail make her an ideal fit to lead the data team.  We are blessed to have her!

Brittany Hallmark, Data Analyst

Formally trained in medical billing, Brittany has a keen eye for data inconsistencies and is able to grind through nuanced data points with speed and accuracy.

Zachary Louis, Data Intern

Zach is still in school but that doesn't keep him from rockin' the free world of Pet Specialty! Zach's speed and drive to achieve make him a huge asset to our company.

Matt Hallmark, Senior Developer

Though trained as an electrician Matt's love of technology lead him to start a career in IT. Matt spends most of his time with back-end and database development.  He prides himself on creating libraries and web services that run behind the scenes to make our shiny UIs *POP* with precision data and execute business logic flawlessly.  Matt devours technology like nothing we've seen. He masters things that would take us mere mortals months to get up to speed on -- in days. You might as well let him handle your data because, as Matt says, "All your data are belong to us!"

Andrew Hallmark, Web Developer

It's no coincidence that our development team has two 'Hallmarks'. Andrew brings his artistic eye to our functional designs creating splendid user interface & user experiences which is why they are so amazing. To quote 'The Drew': "Can we use angular?" Yes Andrew, we can use angular.

Brian Bufford, Developer / Support Specialist

Brian Bufford graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a B.S. in Computer Science. Brian has an uncanny ability to keep his cool even during difficult situations (even when chairs are thrown at him [not at CoopDIGITy]). His even-keeled manner mixed with his programming chops make him an ideal fit for his position.