Welcome to CoopDIGITy!

CoopDIGITy, Inc Office
CoopDIGITy (pronounced coop-dig-it-ee) is a small IT firm based in the agriculture hub of Northern California. With over 20 years working in Information Technology our team has experience working in & with government, small, midsize, & global businesses. We currently serve clients in the Retail, Distribution, Government, & Emergency Management industries.

Our Mission:

To create Sophisticated Elegant, eXciting, and You-seful software for our clients while delivering customer service we could only dream of receiving.

How we can help you:

We specialize in data-intensive applications which span mobile, web, and desktop platforms. In addition to custom development we support two products

ReSight is a business intelligence platform which pairs our data loading service with an intuitive sales dashboard / CRM solution. ReSight targets CPG companies that need the ability to combine disparate datasources into a single, cohesive picture. ReSight™ is a trademark of CoopDIGITy, Inc 2014 - 2018

Orion Protected is a disaster planning & damage assessment tool targeted at state, county, and local municipalities. Orion streamlines and expedites pre and post disaster processes by centralizing data collection through our mobile app and online dashboard.